An Official letter from Parent Outreach Office



UIC Center for Literacy has restructured its Head Start parent engagement programs under the new title of FAST Family Start Learning Support Services. We have combined the Financial Literacy Initiative for Parents (FLIP) program, the Family Literacy Outreach (FLO) Office, and our new Parent Education and Employment Readiness (PEER) program into one Parent Outreach Office.  As part of this reorganization, we have streamlined our process so that Head Start sites can schedule workshops from all three of these programs through one primary contact for the Parent Outreach Office.  We are excited about merging these efforts, as it will allow our staffs to more efficiently serve your sites and your Head Start parents.


We are now in the process of scheduling workshops at Head Start sites for the 2018-2019 program year. Please see the attached documents for an overview of all three programs, and a workshop agreement form to indicate your preference for specific workshop topics, dates, and times.  Your site may choose to schedule workshops from one, two, or all three programs. Confirmation of workshop dates and times will be based on the promptness of the workshop agreement form being returned to me at the Parent Outreach Office.  Once the workshop agreement form is received, I will review the information and contact you with additional information to complete the formal partnership agreement.  The Parent Outreach Office will work diligently to accommodate site selection of workshops. However, it is imperative that you complete the scheduling form and email it back to our office at your earliest convenience.


We are excited to work with you as either a returning partner or a new site partner!  If there are any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact me at 312-413-3820.


Please review the following attachments:




Donna Hampton

Program Manager