Kudos to Perseverance: FAST Southwest Demonstrates Resiliency


Earlier this month, we learned that Catholic Charities was shutting down three sites on the southwest side of Chicago, including St. Joseph’s (St. Joe’s) Early Childhood Center. UIC FAST, in partnership with the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services, has been providing adult education services at St. Joe’s for the past 10 years. UIC staff and volunteers were just as shocked to learn about this closure as the families. Our last day of High School Equivalency (HSE) and English As A Second Language (ESL) classes at St. Joe’s was November 26. To consider our next steps, the FAST Southwest (SW) team participated in an Action Planning workshop over the course of two days.

We took some time to share our feelings and support one another. Thank you to Tameka and the Social Services team for their support in this. We envisioned our ideal outcome or “Victory,” analyzed our current reality, and made some commitments.

We will continue to serve the Back of the Yards neighborhood by providing ESL classes at San Miguel at 1954 W 48th St. and HSE classes/tutoring at the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council at 1823 W. 47th Street. Another service site is forthcoming. We are directing all interested students to reach us at San Miguel at 773-565-4233.


Thanks for your support!
Submitted by Megan Wells