Literacies Across the Lifespan Journal

Through the publication of peer reviewed empirical research, working papers on field-based praxis, and conceptual pieces, Literacies Across the Lifespan contributes to ongoing conversations about literacy across learners’ lives, from early childhood to adulthood, and in contexts across home, school, and community settings. The investigation, exploration, and pedagogizing of non-textual literacies (e.g., artmaking, oral storytelling, digital/media literacies, etc.) is welcome, in addition to studies of textual reading and writing meaning-making practices. Literacies Across the Lifespan seeks to represent diverse and new paradigms, methodologies, and perspectives, and to promote ethical scholarly writing that honors learners and educators. Literacies Across the Lifespan is run by graduate students at UIC’s Center For Literacy.

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