Adult Education and Career Transition (FAST South)

In the Adult Education and Career Transition program, we provide free classes and tutoring to parents interested in continuing their basic education, learning English, or obtaining their high school equivalency.

King Center, 4314 S. Cottage Grove, Chicago, Illinois 60653

Adult Education and Career Transition (FAST West)

Garfield Center, 10 S. Kedzie Ave. L-15, Chicago, Illinois 60612

Adult Education and Career Transition (Southwest)

San Miguel Center, 1954 W. 48th St., Chicago, Illinois 60609

RCADD (Resource Center for Autism and Developmental Delays) - South site

The Resource Center for Autism and Developmental Delays provides support for those who care for, teach and serve children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or other developmental delays.

4314 South Cottage Grove, Room 103, Chicago, Illinois

RCADD (Resource Center for Autism and Developmental Delays) - West site

10 South Kedzie Avenue, Room 202, Chicago, Illinois

Parent Outreach Program

Parent Outreach provides workshops and special events for Chicago Early Learning sites. Support services for parents and youth include: Financial literacy, family literacy and employment readiness workshops. Male involvement initiatives such as Dad’s Reading Daily & 24/7 Dads & Guardians. During the summer, PO transitions to support youth employment for 150 teen literacy coached and CHA Safe Summer Ambassadors.

1640 W. Roosevelt Rd., Chicago, Illinois 60608

Social Service Program

The Social Services program provides a wealth support services including : Parent Resource programming which promotes the engagement and involvement of Chicago Early Learning (CEL) families by providing ongoing professional development and technical support to CEL Staff. Adult Learners enrolled in FAST Adult Education programs receive case management and career navigator support.

1640 W. Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, Illinois 60608

Chicago Area Writing Project

The Chicago Area Writing Project (CAWP), is one of 200 sites of the National Writing Project (NWP), a network of professional development sites anchored at colleges and universities that is committed to improving the teaching of writing and learning in schools in communities.

1640 W. Roosevelt Rd, MC 637, Chicago, Illinois 60608