The CFL Community Engagement office provides opportunities to get involved with short-term & long-term volunteer service projects at Center programs. Learn about the following programs and how you can participate or how your organization can develop and enhance your current volunteer program.

AmeriCorps: Make a change in Chicago communities by supporting Head Start families with their economic opportunity needs. Members receive hands-on training to support adult education classes, financial literacy, work readiness workshops, and provide volunteer management support to organizations. Learn about how you can become an AmeriCorps member and get involved today!

CFL Volunteers: Short-term and long-term opportunities to help support Chicago families by tutoring, mentoring or providing office support. Participate in special events that contribute to the Center’s mission & vision.

Volunteer Resource Program: Offers volunteer management workshops, individualized training support and cultivates peer-to-peer learning spaces that assist in developing or enhancing your volunteer program

Partners of CFL Community Engagement: